Sue Messruther

oscar2Hi my name is Sue with a family of 6 children, a hubby and a puppy of gigantic proportions! With a variety of books that I have written for both on and off Amazon. I have just started writing “Kids in the kitchen” which is part of the “Just for kids” series and what fun it has been! I have to say I really have enjoyed it and have plans for another 4 Kids in the kitchen this year. With the “Just for kids” series I plan on not only doing cooking but we will do some fun craft ideas to keep the youngsters entertained during holidays and weekends.

So why do I write? Well because it is fun and it is somewhere for my creativity to have an outlet – apparently I am a Gemini because I am born in June and the year that I was born in was the year of the rabbit, now my research tells me that Gemini’s are very creative and very active they need to be learning and discovering something new constantly and because of the year of the rabbit apparently this helps to bring my creativity to fruition or in other words finds a way to make it come to life or applicable to my life – ah so that explains it!

When I was young I would constantly start something new or seek out new ideas but never finished them and the adults in my life would always complain saying “Sue why don’t you finish …… “I must have been very frustrating for the adults in my world he he he

And so writing was something that I learnt to do mostly for business, then a few friends asked me to give my recipes for scones and bread which I did but of course I would give them many and so they turned into books as well

Now I am the first to admit that spelling is not my strong point and grammar well – no again not another strong point but I pour my personality into my writing and pass my work to get “graded” to spot any mistakes, but I am not perfect and neither is this a perfect world, I enjoy what I do and my only wish is that my grandchildren were in the same country as me so I could enjoy them!

This photo above is of Oscar at the time he was 7 months!!! Now you understand why I say he is a puppy of gigantic proportions! He has just turned 1 year this May.