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October 9, 2013

Kids in the kitchen who are having fun creating!

Vol 1 is out now on Amazon and has reached in the US #2 out of top 100 and in the UK it has reached #11 in it’s first week!

For the “Kids in the kitchen” we have had mums and dads encourage their kids and being extremely helpful and some even bought cute chef outfits for them which just added to the creativity!

The deal was that each “kids kitchen” was responsible for choosing the recipe, shopping for the ingredients and allowed a photograph so that others could see what they made. I have to say they were very creative and in the first book I was worried at one point when I was told I was going to have a mousey salad!

Their decorations were awesome and we had plenty of floured faces (just how far does flour go!) and of course there was much licking of bowls! It really was fantastic to see the kids enjoying themselves so much

I did have to face one very hard test which was the agony of whose picture was going to be the cover! James and Penny as you can see won the battle everyone was indeed very cute and it was a touch choice, I have had lots of feedback that the cover is perfect and all of the kids were really happy so I was very relived not hurt any feelings!



Book trailer for kids in the kitchen cooking book for kids

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For the “Kids in the kitchen” we have created a book trailer staring our chefs who are in the Vol1 book. This was created for the launch and will soon be followed by many more as the children line up to show us their creative skills in the kitchen