Cooking with children is fun with our new kids cookbook

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October 9, 2013

To be released 3rd of June comes Vol2 of our Kids in the kitchen range

We have 6 new kitchens with 8 children as they mix and stir and bake their way while having lots of fun! We had lots of floury fun with the kids and few of them pulled tricks on us which had us running for bowls! This has been such a wonderful adventure and I have enjoyed it so much particularly as my grandchildren are in Australia and I am in the UK!

Mums and dads have been a great help as they organise their little chefs, plan out what they are going to cook and go shopping for all the ingredients, on one occassion I got to bring one of the creations home with me to share with my family here so that was an extra bonus for me! So a special thank you goes to Mary her apple tart was eaten the same night it came home!


We made a video to go with our new simple recipes for kids cookbook Vol2

Star roles in this video are all the kids that baked in this book we hope you enjoy this as much as I did in creating it.

Don’t forget our facebook page! fb_bug You can comment on there and or share your children’s cooking photos on there! I love to hear from the kids either on the page here or in a message if they would like to star in my next book we have a few positions available! Yes we are doing a VIRTUAL childrens cooking book! To get all of the details just email me right here or messge me on facebook!