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Cooking with children has never been more fun!

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October 9, 2013

Vol 3 Kids in the kitchen who are cooking up a storm!

We have just finished up doing the book trailer for the third book in the series of “Just for kids”
For Vol 3 we see another 6 kitchens with some of my favorite dishes (how did they know!)

It is the children themselves that choose their recipies I don’t find out until I arrive in fact, they are the ones in total control while mums and dads assist!

Because it is the the children who choose and then show me how this really is a children’s cookbook that is recommend by them to be the best recipes for kids to cook!

I love cooking with children they have some wonderful tips that they love to share with me, they are so inventive and I just totally love the faces they pull! Priceless!

If your child makes any of these or has one of their own they would like to share you can contact me here or we would love to see yours on my facebook page!