Sock Seekers – Alien Capers Encounters Series

Sock Seekers the Alien Capers EncountersOdd socks, we all have them and we find them everywhere, but never the matching pair do you ever wonder why? Now we have heard all sorts of stories, including the most common – the dryer ate the other sock! In Sock Seekers Alien Capers Encounters series, we find out just one possible reason for our odd sock dilemma, find out what could really be happening. Who is pinching your odd socks? Have a little fun and imagination in an interactive read of our Sock Seekers adventure – the Alien Caper Encounter kind!

To help you enjoy this book with your child, we have included some notes for parents.

The whole idea of this fun rhyme came about when the daughter of the author pinched her mum’s socks only she liked to wear odd socks! Soon the day came that there were only odd socks left and the author had to wear odd socks to work.

Deciding to have a little fun this book came to life with its funny characters of all sorts of shapes and colors helping to entertain youngsters as we discover that the dryer doesn’t really eat our odd socks but perhaps a few creatures are lurking around!

Alien Capers Encounters will have 4 books in the series with the remaining 3 due to be out before the end of November all will be rhymes, have wonderful creatures and drawings and be interactive for your little one’s reading pleasure.

You can meet the author over at her Facebook page where you can follow and watch as the other titles in the series are released and notified here first.

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