Play Time Books

Why Play Time Books?

The idea for this series came to me as I was struggling yet again trying to put my daughters monopoly away into the cuboard, I was having a really hard time trying to fit it in with all the other versions of monopoly and all the other board games (do they multiply in there?).

I thought it is such a shame they have to take up so much room, then another thought, you know like switching on a light bulb moment!

But do they have to? So I set about to create a book with a game and lots of other parts to it to entertain children while on holidays, traveling, on rainy days, well any where really! The idea has been well recieved and encouraged by parents who thought the idea was perfect and could they please have it by Christmas! Aghhhh what a challenge 🙂

So set about with the first in the series….


Come Find Me Under the Sea

Come find me under the sea play time booksMany years ago we had a marine fish tank and I really liked our clown fish and anemones I would watch them for ages as they darted in and out of the anemones so when it came to the story and game I kept thinking about them pondering on a good name for my star of the book. The name Norman just seemed to fit and his checky smile looked like a Norman type of smile (don’t you think so too?).

Play time books includes all sorts of adventures it is a book with a game, colouring pages, downloadable certificates and a story which all relates to the game in the book!



I need your help!


Because I create my books for you, I want to make sure you enjoy them!

So I need you to tell me, did you enjoy the book, what did you like best

I need you to write a review. If you didn’t buy from Amazon just say where you bought your book from.



This is how you can write your review

Step1: To write your review, click this link if you live in the UK or if you live in the US then click this link (the button will redirect you to Amazon in a blank window). The difference between the 2 is in the url Uk has and US has

Step 2: When you are on Amazon’s website, scroll down to the reviews section towards the end.

Step 3: Simply write an honest review (good or bad) about what you liked or didn’t like and give my book as many stars as you think it deserves.

That is it! Easy isn’t it and now I want to send a big thank you to you for your help and I look forward to reading your review!

Sue Messruther