kids in the kitchen cooking up a storm

childrens cooking book - kids in the kitchen cooking up a storm

It definitely was the best idea to interview children and get them to create a children’s cooking book with me.

I can definitely recommend cooking and spending time with your child in the kitchen it doesn’t have to be a long weekend or school holidays (although I think these are the best times because there is no rush) you can get kids in the kitchen cooking up a storm any time!

You will have a blast if you do and so will your kids!

When a child is asked if they would like to cook something their eyes light up and 9.9% of the time they will eat whatever they create in the kitchen!

Speaking as a parent, one of my 6 kids who ate less than a bird and had several visits to the doctor who confirmed don’t worry she will eat when she is hungry to even begging and bribing her to eat something, anything just to get food into her! (She grew up to be a beautiful young lady and even did modeling – nothing stopped her including food!) eating what they created seems to encourage them to eat, what a bonus!

As a mum sometimes it is hard to think about what to cook for the family but ask your child and they know exactly! Give them a cookbook and the kitchen and they are off! Baking fun with kids recipes can include some strange things!

In this book we had colourful rainbows – playing around she even made a rainbow until we ate them all ha ha ha and then another weekend we had Hawaiian night that was a lot of fun and amazingly another weekend we had dinosaurs! Wow weeeeee! Like I said put a child in the kitchen give them a kids cookbook and stand back!


recipes for kids to cook

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Also if you do make something totally scrumptious why not share it with us you can send your photo to me via my face book page!