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As an author and just like you I have lots of different interests, with all of my children and grandchildren it is no wonder I write a lot of childrens books, after all they can be so much fun just like my children and grandchildren! But I write much more than just childrens books I love to colour so colouring books became a favourite type of book to create because I could never find many that I enjoyed colouring in! I have short stories because life is just so busy that I only have so much time and want to know the ending within that time, so I wrote some short stories. Then I found that I needed some journals! Couldn’t find exactly what I was after so I created many many journals as they are sooooooo handy for all sorts of things!

Here you will see a variety of books I create and I hope that you enjoy them as much as I did in creating them and using them myself!

Adult Colouring Books

People everywhere around the world of all ages are now finding huge enjoyment in a very old fashioned pass time – colouring in! As a child we spent endless hours enthrawled in colouring in our master pieces, these days we can now take back that same pleasure and relive it with Adult Colouring Books! There is a huge demand for these books and I am constantly creating new ones so make sure you return to see the latest books.


Creatively You Series

Creatively You Floral Anti-Stress Adult Coloring Book butterfly-cover Creatively You Trees Alive Anti-Stress Adult Coloring Book


Colouring for Adults!


Adult Journals

We all need journals for all sorts of reasons!


Sue’s Christmas Stories

Alicia Series

Christmas Home Made Cookie Gifts

Christmas is a fun giving time of the year and of course it can be very straining on the old credit card ouch! So this year I decided that I would not rely on my credit card but rather get creative and make some beautiful Christmas cookies, package them up (you can find many readymade bags for from places like the pound shop) but I actually made my own and you will see my free offer in the book, I then filled these bags with these beautiful cookies that honestly look too cute to eat!





Wonderland The Fairytale Continues


30 Best Bread Recipes From Around The World

New and revised and finally here is the updated 30 Deliciously Easy Bread recipes from all over the Globe.

As I have travelled I collected and begged many recipes and now compiled them together after many friends requested copies.






Play Time Book Series…



Santa’s ChristmasSanta’s Christmas
The year Santa’s sleigh broke down

Oh no! Will Christmas have to be cancelled? News spread through the North Pole as the elves spoke to poor Santa, they had to deliver the very sad news to him – his sleigh has broken down and they can’t work out why!





Alien Capers Encounters Series…

sock-seekers underwear-underpants
vanishing-walking-shoes hat-parade

Dogs, Cats & All Other Animals

kittens rabbits

Just for Kids range series

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