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Children’s Books

I love to write childrens books and dive into their imaginations bringing pages alive with some funny, cute or familiar characters. Here you will find the latest childrens books along with my personal favourites

Adult Colouring Books

Ah now these are a real delight to do! Creating images and watching them come alive on the page is so much fun because really anything goes! Colouring is very soothing for the soul and is a great excuse to become a child again by adding colours to your world!

Journals & Diaries

Journals are great! They have become my memory on many occassions and make great gift ideas. I often mix up the journals with colouring so that you can enjoy both, do a little colouring and write your special notes. Best of both worlds if you ask me!

Short Stories

Sometimes it is just great to escape the world for a little while and it is for this reason that I have written short stories. Some are contemporary romance some are more adventure almost science fiction/fantasy as I use my imagination to entwine you into a different world!

Many titles have been published this year


It has been a very exciting year this year with so many new releases!
In the childrens range we have Alien Capers with a series of 4 colourful books in A5 size perfect to post! Then a very create range of Playtime Books – these books have a huge amount of offer the child with a story followed by colouring in pages then a game that can be played by themselves! Not only that but there is a section of questions for the child to go back and discover and free certificates to download!

For the Adults the fun has not been forgotten with the new series of Adult colouring books designed to give you hours and hours of relaxing self absorbing fun! Remember when you used to colour as a child? Why did you stop? You had fun and now you can have fun again with our series of Adult Colouring Books.Journals and Diaries are all very useful and these are new too this year! On most of them you can colour in images and write giving you the best of both worlds (well I think so anyway!)
Lastly we have the short stories with most of them in a series (and next year will be sold as box sets if you want to save money!). All of these are short stories because we live such busy lives and don’t have time to sit and read 400 or so pages! These were written so you could read one before going to bed, waiting in the doctors rooms or perhaps on your way to or from work!

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Adult Colouring Book Reviews

5 stars – Lovely pictures, good value

5 stars – Very fine lines in places, but very addictive, once you start you just cannot put it down.

5 stars – Very pretty, delicate book for adult colourers

5 stars – True happy endings that make you feel empathetic happiness. A good book to read if u want to feel happy at the end of reading it. I like it because the stories are true memoirs of people overcoming struggle and hardships onto greater things. I especially liked “when life depends on it” by Sue Messruther. The way it was written makes you want to keep turning the page. You feel so sorry for her yet she doesn’t write for pity it’s an amazing short story that makes you want to read more. You also learn that life is all about attitude she started with nothing and had the right attitude to work her way to where she is now. Such a worthwhile story:)

Children Book Reviews

4 stars – The lovely cover gives an example of the collection of beautiful images that have been used in this book. Your children will love them, and the adventures of Santa, as he tries different, fun ways to make sure everyone receives their presents.

5 stars – Sock Seekers is a fun and engaging story that FINALLY tells you the secret of where all those missing socks are. It is filled with fabulous illustrations and read-along rhyming verse. The kids giggled throughout and immediately did a sock check to make sure none of theirs had gone missing. Fun for both kids and parents!!

4 stars – The puppy pictures along with what they might be saying in each picture was absolutely adorable! The images were crisp and clear and a great size. A very enjoyable book that will make any dog lover smile and look forward to the next page.

Short Stories Book Reviews

5 stars – This “G-rated” romantic short story is a sweet, touching tale of Christmas-time joys and sorrows. It moves at just the right pace to keep the reader engaged and wanting to see how it ends, yet not wanting it to end! Definitely worth the read!

5 stars – Well, it’s a delightful little romance to brighten a dull winter’s evening, a quick but satisfying read, and a reminder that no matter how bad things may appear, you just never know when your luck will turn.

5 stars – I work quite hard, hardly have breaks as I am setting up my business from home. This provided just what I needed to unwind just before going to bed. It could easily be read on a lunch break, I read it instead in hot Southern Spain, when I needed to relax. I hope the author continues with the character. Can’t wait for more.

Book Trailers

Adult Colouring Books

Relax and unwind with grown up pencils and colouring books…

Can you remember the last time you sat and happily coloured in pictures? Was it in your childhood or perhaps with your young children? Wasn’t it fun and gave an escape from reality for a short period of time?

This series of Adult Colouring Books has different levels of difficulty within the pages some are easy and some certainly more challenging. Designed to help you relax and destress filling you with a calmness and creativity that is healthy for everyone regardless of age!

Warning: All colouring books should come with a warning!

There are Side affect cautions: (Sorry)
Whilst coloring you may feel the effect of relaxation, creativeness and calmness.
Do not panic these are all within legal highs and laws.
Should you begin to feel excitable keep coloring to the end of your book.
Once you have completed your coloring stop and look over your creations and you will feel delighted.

Wonderland Series

Short story series. Mystery and Adventure…

Sarah opens the shop of her dreams and begins a magical adventure that she could never have dreamt of! She thought she would be serving coffee while patrons happily read her books that now lined the walls of the cafe, instead she finds herself fighting the wicked queen and her army of card men!

Wait a minute! Did Sarah just see the White Rabbit hop into her shop? Is the Mad Hatter really her new land lord? With all of the confusion Sarah begins to feel as if she is losing her mind just as her mother did.

Warning: Walking into Wonderland will change your life forever as you come into contact with familar characters twists and turns that will have you cheering and fighting right along side of Sarah!

Alien Caper Encounter

Childrens story of mystery and sock seeking adventures…

Written in a Dr Seuss style of poem this story was written to appeal to children of all ages, colourful images with funny looking Aliens to delight all readers.

We all have them and we find them everywhere, but never the matching pair! We are talking about odd socks, now we have heard all sorts of stories, including the most common – the dryer ate the other sock!

Now you can find out what could really be happening. Who is pinching your odd sock? Have a little fun and imagination on our Sock Seekers adventure – the Alien Caper Encounter kind!

Meet The Author

oscar-6-weeksSue Messruther

This is oscar at 6 weeks, he is my loyal and most admiring fan!
He is by my side when ever I am around which is lovely as I adore him.

He was so tiny at 6 weeks when we got him but boy did he soon grow!
Have you ever seen that movie Digiby?
Well I feared that was exactly what I had ha ha ha.

Much to my relief he has finally stopped growing now that he is 3 years old and he is as gorgeous as ever, the only difference is he now takes up the whole bed and he doesn’t fit in my lap anymore!


Back to the books!

With each book I ask my beautiful daughter (my baby and number 6!) to cast her eye over my covers, images and stories because I value her opion so much and know that she is the generation most of my books may appeal to!

This photo is one of my favourites and a typical type of photo that she takes with me always cutting her face off and at an angle, like her it makes it look interesting 🙂

A lot of my writing is done while I holiday in France and then the editing and images are done back here in the UK which is where I am now living! Of course Oscar travells with us all the time and yes I do read my stories out loud to him while he sits and looks at me! Is he really listening? Who knows but is fun to do!

Just of late I have been doing some drawings with the elderly as I look after a lot of them as part of my job and I found they really enjoyed it and each week would look forward to doing more with me. Eventually I decided to do a book then another and another and well yes you guessed they are breeding as I do more and more all the time!

They are a lot of fun to do and even more fun to colour, oh and I so love it when readers share their masterpieces with me on facebook!

In fact I asked one reader if I could use her creations in my new video – she said yes! So look out for my new video!

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More Great Books

Other Books by Sue Messruther


Sock Seekers

First book in the Alien Encounter Capers Series – there are 4 titles in the series and you can pick them up from Amazon!
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Come Find Me Under the Sea

Simply stunning book that a single child can read and play and colour for hours and hours. This is the first in the new series of “Playtime Books” many more will be coming next year!
Buy this book now!

xmas journal

My Christmas List Journal

Beautiful images used throughout this book to create a stunning memory jogger for writing Christmas cards and gifts, who to send too, what to send, organising yourself has never been this much fun!
Buy this book now!


Adult Colouring Book

Creatively You Butterfly Anti-Stress Adult Colouring Book is the second book in the Adult Colouring Series. Designed to be coloured only on one side this book has 30 images of Butterflies ready for you to colour in!
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