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Realizing Your Greatness at East West Bookstore

When you walk into this beautiful store, you are instantly transported to your higher self. It is nothing less than amazing. East West Bookstore is a magnificent store in Mountain View CA that sells personal growth and life transformation books, cards, clothing, artifacts and much more.

On Tuesday, October 9, Marilyn Gordon, life transformation teacher, gave a program there. Many people came and learned “Spectacular Powers of Your Higher Mind.” They responded with fascination and understanding. They learned how the mind can heal and transform anything through its connection with the Healing Power. They discovered how their mind has innate powers of manifestation, knowledge, wisdom, enlightenment and healing.

Marilyn Gordon at East West Bookstore

Marilyn Gordon at East West Bookstore

Marilyn Gordon also spoke about her newest book called Realize Your Greatness: A Spectacular Journey to Success, Transformation, and Spiritual Power. This spellbinding book takes you on an enlightening adventure into the realm of the imagination in which you meet a woman who overcomes her deepest challenges with work, finances, relationships, love and spirituality.

It’s a kind of metaphysical Alice in Wonderland in which the main character, Alice, meets magical teachers and mentors—a mind healer, emotional consultant, relationship coach, hypnotist, yogi, life coach, spiritual advisor, wealth coach, oracle, and many more, who invite her into their amazing environments and shift her entire ground of being so that she reaches a new level of love, self-knowledge and manifestation.

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Alice’s journey answers these questions and more: How can I create greater income and success, have a happier mind, overcome hurts of the past, create better relationships, find my life purpose and create a profound spiritual connection?


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