Publishing FAQ’s


I have a Mac and it says there is no application set to open the document.

You need a reader, and Amazon gives these to you for free. Here is a kindle reader for macs

Can I use the prc. file version of my book to upload to Kindle then?

Yes that is correct; you upload the prc file to the place where it asks for your book in your Amazon bookshelf

I am 80 years old and not certain how to handle this. What is the procedure I need to follow to do my book?

Congrats! What a wonderful age. Now that you’ve written your book, all you need to do is go through your Word document and remove any headers and footers. If you have tables in there, make them into an image so they look good. This then gets converted to a prc file for Kindle. If you don’t know how to do these things, we can do it for you.

Should I use the PRC or DOC for uploading to Amazon bookshelf?

 The prc file holds the formatting together, rather than the doc file where it can move and not be as you wanted it to be.

Are you able to work with PDF files to create a kindle book?

It is best to use a converter to go from pdf to Word. The pdf moves when you convert it so it has to be checked afterward, and then start again with the doc format this into the prc file.

Should ebook covers be in 3D format?

Flat images look better. Also, Amazon uses your image to help advertise your book, so the flat images give you the most surface value.

I’d like to get your help with the design of SPECIAL REPORTS, including covers, and I’d like them to be written in a way that allows them to be read on Apple products.

I will be happy to help you. The prc files (Kindle books) can be read on Mac and pc with the use of the Amazon free readers. You can download the files according to what system you have. Links are provided in the resources section of the members’ area.  

I wanted to put our URLs and contact info on the last page of my book. Is any of this possible to do?

 Absolutely! Just make sure the URLs are written out completely  (for example, because what many don’t think of is not all devices have Internet switched on or are not in a wireless zone area at the time, so this will enable them to come back to it on their pc if they prefer. 

1. How do you handle graphics. Do you require certain dpi?

2. Will kindle format bullet points?

3. There are fonts in bold type. Will it format as bold, as well?

There are no dpi requirements. To enter your image, simply select where you want it to go. Then just insert picture from file, and select. You can only align it left, right or center. With the new Kindle range, we can now have colour.

2) Bullet points are fine; they should go in easily

3) Bold font and italic are both fine. These will format as in your word doc  

What is the policy with copyright on the graphics?

When you buy images, always make sure that they are royalty-free. This usually means it can be printed and can be used for personal, websites and printed materials up to 10,000 times, but check their policy, as each one is different!

Can there be pictures inside my doc?

Certainly. You can have as many as you like, but when you put them in just insert them left, right or centre alignment is accepted.

I am just proofreading a book I have finished writing, and want to have an ebook made when it is done. My chapters have numbers not titles. Do I need a table of contents? If so do I have to name the chapters or just put the chapter numbers in a TOC? Also, does it have to be copyrighted first?

It does look better if the chapters have titles and you tend to sell more books when they do have  clickable TOCs. For a more professional look, have the titles next to the chapter numbers. My advice to you is put the titles in if you have chapters. The only time you don’t need a TOC is if you have no chapters. The purpose of the TOC is to give people a feel for what is inside the book.

What about footnotes? Are they able to remain in the kindle version?

No. In the formatting process, into prc file they are added as text, so all of these need to be removed.

I have a book that I have published and is already on the amazon listing. What do I need to do to get it in a kindle version

You have to have your book in a word document of course then you will want your cover (you can use the front of your printed book for the front of your kindle book), your text (keep it plain) mark the chapter headings as a h1 so these go into a clickable table of contents (toc) No boarders, headers or footer and don’t use tables if you want a table make it a picture.

What must I include in this process of first formatting then publishing besides the following?
1)File in word document
3)book cover

You have listed everything already to format. The extra bits of info you need to publish your book include;
your cover (upload to where it asks),
your price (your commission will be either 35% or 70% depending on your price),
your author/pen name,
your description,
7 keywords (can be 2 worded just separate them with a comma)
what category you want,
do you want it in kdp,
is it public domain material
is it part of a series if so what is the series called

Cool. By the way, can you also convert PDFs to Kindle books and there are links in my book, I was told that violates the Amazon TOS Can I keep the links as non clickable?

I prefer word doc because the formatting holds true pdf will move when it is converted. You can have links inside of your book to your blogs and further information, don’t put affliate links in – rather put this on a squeeze page/selling page and on this page put the affliate link

I have a couple of questions for you... 1. It appears we can now have pictures inside Kindle that true?

2. Can you put QR codes inside a Kindle book?

Yes kindle books can have images on a kindle they used to only show black and white which has now changed with the advancement on kindle readers and colour screens

The QR code (Quick Reader for those how don’t know what this means) is treated as an image so yes you can have them and I have done a few for clients here and they have been approved

I have a few books around 80- pages each which I have written myself. They are non-fiction and have pictures throughout. Is non-fiction ok?

Yes, non-fiction books are a huge section on Amazon and you can images in the book

I am adept with many facets of Kindle formatting but I am struggling with images. I have a book up on Kindle now with several images in it and they are not showing up.

This is in the formatting process not an easy one to instantly fix but doable with html send it over and I will help you

Can you format a powerpoint (with images) into kindle format? I will pay extra for the service.

Sure no problems anything is possible send it over! Will work out how many pages and what your small fee will be.

Does Kindle require a table of contents with clickable links and all that or they don't care about that?

  I always add in table of contents which is the heading of each chapter and I make them clickable because that is what my readers want, the TOC is what they look at to see what is included in your book so I think it is a must if you have chapters

Ok, so I give you a doc file and you turn it into a perfect Kindle file that I then can upload to Kindle?

Yes that is correct I require a word document that is your completed book no headers footers and images are default no align with text as this is removed only L,C,R but you can now have colour as the new kindle shows colour finally

Any tables have to be an image (tables dont format and stay put)

Then you need your cover unles you want me to do this

I do your book so that it is a format with clickable TOC

You upload this to kindle along with your description, price etc 

I have a question too!

All members can ask questions simply contact us and don’t forget to tell us your member name!