Promotion packs



Our Authors Main Promotional Package

For £100 per month per book we will do everything listed below to promote your book


Main Authors Promotional Pacakage Includes

Monthly Article

1 x article (written by author or text from author that can be used) these are distributed into the network who are owners of private blogs that agree to post your article on the condition of including 3 anchored text links to your book or pages


Social Bookmarking

Weekly social bookmarking – these are social links that can be to your amazon book link, facebook page and your authors blog if have one. These are rotated to give a good consistent balance and a social presences that Google looks for.



Backlinking is an important piece of promotion, think of each backlink as a vote for your page or book! we do a balance of edu/wiki/website linking and these are to your amazon book link, facebook page and authors blog if have one.



Each month we create 1 x squidoo lens using text from your article above, or text from your facebook page to talk a little about either your book or about the author. These build authority and your author’s reputation by having a lens and an authors blog you are creating a stir to a wider audience.


Promotional Days

We manage and setup your free promotional days with KDP which allows you a maximum of 5 free days every 90 days, once we set these up we make sure we shout it to the world for you so as many people hear and find you! These are to encourage sales and reviews



Amazon encourages you to use all the tools available to you so we do tagging of your book with relevant keywords, this encourages your book to be found for different search terms within Amazon.


Trailer Video

Video is a very powerful tool and is seen many times in the search engines, we will create a book trailer video using images supplied by author each month to keep the momentum going and keep it fresh these will be uploaded to your youtube channel which every author should have!



We set up your Goodreads user and author account because Goodreads can give you a sales boos! Goodreads is the home of many avid book buyers and we want them to buy your book too!


The Authors Lounge

1 x Guest Blogs in the authors lounge, this is a membership website that I run and promote here we set up your book as the guest book chat about your book and provide links to your book AND your facebook page AND your authors blog if you have one AND your youtube channel!


Extra Options

We do have other options that you can add to the above package or have instead of.


fb management – optional £15/month

This includes 2 posts per week about the authors book or something related to the book (it can include other books by the author)
we also include 1 link per post on a rotation to any of the following;

  • Books
  • squidoo lens
  • edu
  • wiki
  • blog
  • Any other site the author has and wants links to

Author blog – optional £30/month

Create an Author Hub to promote authors books.

  • Books title, cover, and description
  • Links to where book can be purchased
  • About the author
  • Social Media
  • Free gifts (not books authors have published to comply with amazon terms)
  • 1 x post/story update per week (text taken from article or Facebook page)


Facebook Authors Page

Just like our Facebook page for this website we can set up a page just like it for your book you can use this for marketing purposes or to interact with your readers and of course when you have a new book out this is the place where you should start to launch it! Here are a few facebook pages we have set up this year