Promoting Books

You have written your book, and now it’s time to promote your book. You don’t want to learn about websites, social media, networking, and getting yourself out there. Instead it would be really nice if you could hand this over to someone to do it all for you. That’s where we come in; we want to help you sell more books.

A great deal of your book’s success depends on your ability to promote it yourself. Normally publishers are too busy to devote sufficient resources to their book’s promotion, but it is just as important as the writing part!

Well these days, buyers depend on elements like great cover photos, strong descriptions, author feedback, sneak peaks, reviews, tagging and cross-searching to locate and decide that your book is for them. In short we help your book and give you the exposure you need to increase your sales potential.

I Thought Amazon Was Going to Promote My Book?

A few years back, all you had to do was upload and go. Not anymore.

Nowadays, in order to make Kindle sales, you must take your promotions outside the Amazon Marketplace.

Amazon has made it SIMPLE for anyone to publish on Kindle. Thousands upload their books every day.

You probably have discovered this for yourself already; you end up making few to no sales.

The competition is so fierce you can no longer rely on Amazon to do the promotional work for you.

People Have No Idea Who You Are

Everyone is an “instant expert.”

Your prospects haven’t a clue who the real experts really are.

Customers are smarter; they know this is smart marketing, and it’s getting harder to show them you know something.

Even if you are writing fiction – if you are an unknown, why would they waste time with you?

So How Do You Promote Your Book?

Every writer or publisher wants more exposure. One incredibly easy way to increase the number of people who read your work is to give it away. Simply put on your Twitter and Facebook account that your book will be going for free in the Amazon store a few days beforehand. On the free day, make sure you mention it, and let people know that they can only get it for free for a limited time. For Twitter, use hash tags like #bookgiveaway.

This is essential if you’re doing a series of books instead of just one. If you have several on Amazon, but only one of them is free, and if your book is good, it will spark an interest in the rest of your books.

Building Your Brand Visually

A brand identifies you to your customers. It stands you apart and gives them a reason to buy from you. Determine what makes your book stand out from the rest and publicize it. A brand can instantly tell your customers it’s “You” and gives them reassurance that they can expect quality products.

What are Some of the Elements of a Brand?

  • Your logo
  • Your website and promotion material colours
  • Your tag line
  • Your avatar

Be consistent with images and colours that you use, thereby making it easy for people to identify you. Think about how you feel when you see a familiar brand, such as McDonalds or Burger King. When you see their symbol, you instantly know the company and, if you like them, feel reassured you will be happy with their product.

Creating Videos and Slideshows


By creating videos and slideshows for your books, you can show people what your book is about, make it exciting, and encourage them to purchase, which is the end goal.

You have some options when creating your videos.
You can present your books in the video, or you can put yourself on video and let your prospective readers see you, instilling trust and familiarity, which helps you to convert them into loyal customers. YouTube is the second largest search engine today. With so many visitors coming to YouTube, it makes sense that you should be promoting your books there.

Your Amazon Author Page

Your name or pseudonym is going to be a clickable link that takes the customer to your Amazon Author Page. All your books are listed conveniently for the reader there as the customer clicks through and sees a whole bunch of beautiful thumbnail images of your other books. This is a good thing. The reader now is tempted to grab another one of your books.

Your Biography

You want to present yourself as a real person. Talk a bit about your background, what you do for people, and how you’ve helped them. You can also put a link to your site here, but it won’t be live. Nevertheless, it’s good to keep reminding people about your site and all the goodies there.


This is very important so that Amazon’s spider web of promotion can find your book and recommend it to readers. You get 15 tags or keywords, so choose carefully. This is where Google’s Keyword Tool comes in: Google Keyword Tool

Check other books in your niche and see what tags they are using. Which tags are most popular? You can find out how many times a certain tag is used by using Amazon’s tag tool. It will help you pick a tag, and it will also tell you how many times that tag is currently being used.

 Want us to do it all for you?

We do have some packages available to help promote your books and you as an author!

All the package details are here for promoting self publishers, and if there is something in particular, you can also contact us and see if we can help you.