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New Author Ellen White

Thank you for coming everyone glad you could join us, today we are going to be chatting with newest author Ellen White. We thought it might be fun to probe into her mind and find out what and how she was inspired to write her first released book on Amazon kindle.


What inspired you to write your new book “The Loneliest Night”?

My inspiration for the ‘The Loneliest Night’ was my interest into Pagan and Wiccan religions. I have often wondered about the mysteries of the universe and writing about witches and magic was a fun way to let my imagination run wild.


How long did it take you to write it?

I wrote this book in one night which is very fast I know, I had just finished work and I had scenes that I wanted to write flashing through my mind. I realized that I couldn’t sleep until it was all written then the next day I returned to the story and added to it and fine-tuned it into the story that it is today.


What if any difficulties did you come across when writing your book?

I have to admit this book was the easiest to write, it was very natural and that comes across in the writing. I think it flows a lot better. I had however hesitated to publish this book even though I had friends and family telling me that I should publish it. It is extremely terrifying and overwhelming to know that everyone you know can read your stories as I believe that writing is a very personal thing.


What is coming next?

Next I will release my second book in the series. It continues on the story of the 5 chosen ones and their families. The next book called ‘The Loneliest Night: The Others’ introduces new characters and new dangers. Nothing is as it seems. I am still working on the second book but hope to have it finished within a few weeks


What have you got planned for the future books you will write?

Once I have completed the series of ‘The Loneliest Night’ I hope to publish many other books. I do have ideas for some other stories that have yet to be told. After all I am only just starting.


Well thank you Ellen for sharing with us it has been very inspirational to find a young writer with such passion about her work and honesty to tell us what you feared the most and what you found difficult. Perhaps it will help other young authors who are sitting there thinking if they are good enough to write!