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Marilyn Gordon


Marilyn Gordon is a life transformation teacher, author, healer, speaker, board certified hypnotherapist, and hypnotherapy school founder/director.

Her latest book is Realize Your Greatness; A Spectacular Journey to Success, Transformation, & Spiritual Power. She has other books and personal growth products, as well as a number of Kindle books.

Her background is in yoga, meditation, spiritual healing, and life transformation.

She helps you to transform anything in your life through telecourses, seminars and sessions – as well as books, CDs, home study courses, and more.
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Realize Your Greatness

You’ve never seen anything like this new book. It takes you on an enlightening adventure in the realm of the imagination where you meet a woman who overcomes her deepest challenges with work, finances, relationships, love and spirituality. She meets magical teachers, mentors and gurus and reaches an entirely new level of success and healing in her life.

This great book is called Realize Your Greatness: A Spectacular Journey to Success, Transformation, and Spiritual Power.  It’s a journey like Alice in Wonderland in which the main character, Alice, meets fantastic teachers and mentors—a mind healer, emotional consultant, relationship coach, hypnotist, yogi, life coach, spiritual advisor, wealth coach, oracle, and many more, who invite her into their amazing environments and shift her entire ground of being so that she reaches a new level of success, transformation, and spiritual power.

You learn many tools for healing and transformation, while at the same time, you’re carried along on a page-turning adventure on Alice’s path. Receiving five-star rave reviews, this bestselling book can take you out of the doldrums and into greater awareness, success, and happiness.

Alice’s journey answers these questions and more: How can I create greater income and success, have a happier mind, overcome hurts of the past, create better relationships, find my life purpose and create a profound spiritual connection?