French Translation Services For Authors

French translation servicesAs I do translations for clients we exchange many emails, so I want to introduce myself to you so that we can start on familiar grounds which will help with the whole translation process of your book.

My name is Cécile, I am 35 years old, often covered with plaster or running after my son and his dog! I graduated as a Modern Foreign Languages teacher in 2000 much to the delight of my family and myself.

I have now been married 7 years to my English soul mate and we are both renovating our house in Brittany. The fact that he is a self-employed plastered really helps!!!!

Our son who is 5 and fully bi-lingual in French and English is now attending the local school where he learns Breton and really enjoys it. Languages run in the genes!!!!

Since graduating I have spent the time teaching in secondary schools in England and now have returned home over the past two years where I have been teaching English in France in secondary schools, and colleges and found there was a need to also teach French to many English residents who now have their home in France.

I have also been doing online translations for authors, residents who have holiday homes over here in this we translate from English to French and of course French to English as well as other translation services.

I have been asked before why can’t I just put my text into an online translator and use that, well unfortunately the online translator can’t a) ask for explanations so it has to “guess” what you are talking about and b) the accents and female and male versions of content makes it come out as garbage and certainly not the type of thing that you want to sell or send to a lawyer! They just don’t make sense of the entire document or book and when it is your name or your pen name at the bottom of document you want to make sure that it is all correct!

French Translation Services and Prices

At the moment my prices for French translation services are as follows

Up to 1000 words English to French €60

Up to 3000 words English to French €160

Up to 10000 words English to French €500

For amounts over 10,000 words please contact me for a special discount


Up to 1000 words French to English €60

Up to 3000 words French to English €160

Up to 10000 words French to English €500

For amounts over 10,000 words please contact me for a special discount


On average it takes around 1 week to translate your work (this depends on how many words) then I like to go through and check the work before sending it to you, from this point if you require any alterations of course I am happy to help you.

Please feel free to contact me to ask further details regarding my work or any translation work you require.