Book descriptions are your sales rep!



Writers who create wonderful and compelling books often stop there and never extend their writing skills into their book descriptions.

Your description is the pivotal point for the reader to decide to buy or not… Think about it, when you go to buy a book don’t you search for information, to find out what and why you should buy or not to buy!

Your description is your 24 hour sales representative that is going to sell your book to the person looking at either on Amazon, blog or news reel.

Last week I was asked to upload a book for an author (this is just one of the services we offer here), I ask for all the details and was completely flabagasted when I read the one sentance description!

You get 4000 characters to write something compeling to get your readers to buy your book! Use them 🙂

But I am asked so often – how?!

Writing for fiction and non fiction books is essentually the same and although seems to be easier for fiction they are actually both easy to write! Perhaps you need to look at it like this…….

  • Begin with the problem – bad achne for example that is a huge problem for youth as hormones kick in so talk about how much of a problem it is
  • Now you talk about a solution hint (not tell) how you solved the problem – you found an answer and why is your answer the one that will help them?

Now that wasn’t too hard was it?

Oh so your thinking that was easy that was for fiction well non fiction is the same….

  • Your characters in your story are facing a problem of some sort – Jayne knows a secret that will hurt her best friend as she struggles within herself she knows what she must do
  • Just the same as in the fiction you hint at the solution what Jayne did and how she broke free of her struggle etc

 Again it wasn’t that hard!

You need your description to not be a cut-and-dried outline of the book; heck you want them to buy it to find the answer so don’t give it away rather it should entice the reader to want to dig deeper and read more or learn more.

Title Tips

  • In the first sentence, capture your readers’ attention, to read the rest of the description. Make it intriguing so they feel hooked into reading the rest of your description.
  • You can always look at other similar books in your niche and see what other authors have written.
  • Write a number of different descriptions, and then ask friends which one is the most compelling to them.

 Just what ever you do understand you have plenty of characters to hook your readers in and motivate them to buy your books!