Sue, your publishing guide



Hi, my name is Sue, and this is my office

Well ok – it’s a cartoon version of me and my office, but you get the picture!

Do I have books published?
I certainly do, under my own name and lots of pen names!

It is my mission to help you get published it really is easy and so much fun.


What you can get from this website

Here within this website, which I like to fondly call the “Authors Lounge,” is a place for you all to relax and get a little bit of free information that can help you along your way to getting published!

Some of the free items include “How to Upload Your Book to Kindle” plus “What You can do to Keep Your Kindle Account.” Here you’ll read the do’s and don’ts taken from my own story of how my Amazon account got banned because I followed the wrong advice! Yes, I got it back after speaking with the support team at Amazon and I learned my lesson well.

There are more tips and tricks that I will show you to help your book along the way.

We also have a membership section which has a monthly fee, and in it, you’ll get deeper information; I will also be available to quickly answer any questions that you may have.

In the membership section, we’ll give you special assistance for publishing and promoting your books.

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